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Schedule 2023

March 24,5,26  Capital art and Crafts fair Chantilly Va

March 31 to April 2   Art Rider  (pendimg) Morristown NJ

April 21,22,23 Stone and Staley Oaks Show oaks Pa

April 28,29,30  Stone and Staley Edison Nj7

May 6,7 Rockville Art Festival Rockville Md (Pending)


May 20, 21 Tephra Art Festival Reston Va  (pending)

June  10, 11, Howard Alan Events Frederick  Md

July 1-9  Kutztown Pa Craft Fair

July20, 21,22 Chincoteague blueberry festival, Va

August 11, 12, 13 Bar Harbor Maine Art Festival

September1,2,3 Hearts of Lancaster

September 24, 25 Peters Valley craft fair Augusta NJ

October 7  ,8Wheaton Arts Fine Craft Festival Milltown NJ

October 13,14,15  Capital  arts and crafts Cbantilly Va

November 3,4,5 Stone and Staley Oaks Pa Craft Festival

November 10,11,12 Northern Virginia Christmas Market Chantilly Va

 November17,18,19 Christkindlemarkt  Bethlehem Pa

November 24,25,26  Christkindlemart Bethlehem Pa

November 30- December 3   Christkindlemarkt Bethlehem Pa

December8,9,10 Capital  Arts and Crafts Chantilly Va

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