Larry Morgan Woodturner


About Us

Larry Morgan has been involved in woodworking in  one form or another for over 29 years.
Most of the work that he has been involved with are in the area of design and construction of cabinets and furniture.
While he is still involved in these areas  his primary focus now is in the area of woodturning.
He is proficient in making designer style and special interest Pens and Pencils.
 Some of the other products that he designs and fabricates are Pepper mills,  Engraved  commemorative baby rattles, and Bottle Stoppers.
As the Christmas holidays approach his focus shifts to  seasonal items, Christmas tree ornaments, Tea lights, and candle holders.
In the spring and summer  added production  of Humming bird feeders and bird houses are included in the inventory.
Watch our gallery pages for photos of production and special order items as they are added.

If there are special items that you are interested in having made. Contact us with you requests and we can design  your project for you.
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